An unforgettable adventure

Bouncing words, flying pigs, chocolate-eating grandmothers, musical butterflies, mysterious hairballs and a million other things to discover in this first Mel House adventure.

  • Ideal to encourage reading to children
  • Enjoy a cute story of 80 animated pages and beautifully illustrated.
  • Original music and funny sound effects
  • Play more than 15 games
  • Completely safe for children, no in app purchase, no adds and no external links

Mel at home

Mel at home is the first of a series of adventures created by the crew of Imaginary Kings for young readers between 3 and 8 years.
Mel's home is a world full of surprise and excitement where good and not so good things are always happenning. But remember: everything depends on the way you look at it!

Catching kids' attention

The clean and refined designs and animations lead young readers to what is being told in the scene.

The music breaks away from the stereotypes of music for children and includes both classical and electronic sounds with natural and catchy melodies.

Completely safe for children

No in app purchases, no adds and no external links.

Emotional development

Mel helps the young reader understand their own emotions. Simple questions can stimulate dialogue. Why is Mom happy? Is it ok for Dad to be angry? What is wrong with Mel?

Mel is an excellent companion for the new reader

Mel is written in a simple and enjoyable way for children. And it is accompanied by expressive and sympathetic illustrations. By placing words to complete sentences they are encouraged to understand grammar and sentence construction.


Give it a go! Place the right word in the proper place, understand a sentence or complete a game with them... Ask why they think Mel feels the way she does, engage in a conversation, listen to their unexpected and spontaneous points of view.

Play, play, play

Learning by playing. Mel contains games which are fun but also stimulate basic psychomotor skills such as buiding sequences, relating concepts and memorizing.  

Mel app: Same story in multi-adventure format

If you prefer to have Mel at home in two languages at a time and choose your own way, download the app version

  • Make more than 16 decisions
  • Enjoy a cute interactive story of 80 pages where the kids can have fun and learn about choices and luck 
  • Original music and funny sound effects
  • All the pages are beautifully illustrated and with animations
  • Play more than 15 games
  • In English and Spanish
  • Completely safe for children, no in app purchase, no adds and no external links

Luck and decissions

Throughout the adventure 16 decissions are to be made. Each has its own consecuences, and some of them are not that good! Mel conveys a very simple message: even if you are not lucky or you didn't make the right decissions this time: never give up. Learn! Keep on trying!

Choose your path: and take your chances, as some may lead you to a tight spot!!

We include a map so you do not miss any path.

Imaginary Kings

We believe that every minute spent by kids in front of a screen must be quality time. They are focused, centered and ready to learn. 

That is why our goal is for them to make good use of that time. They will learn and have fun and the communication between parents and children will improve.

A little big team

Juan Díaz-Calero

Author, music and development

Laura Corrales

Illustrations, music and sound effects

Leo Díaz-Calero

Inspiration, ideas and sound effects



Jacinto Pariente


Family & Friends

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